Graduate level- D.U.Th.

Teaching in M.Sc. graduate programs (Lectures given on: i) Solid Waste Management, ii) Research Methodology and Applied Statistics): 

  • a) Environmental Engineering and Science, 
  • b) Technologies in the Environmental Legislation 
  • c) Environment and Behavior (ex-director). 
  • d) Hydraulic Engineering.

Graduate level- Hellenic Open University

Collaborating professor of the Hellenic Open University (distance teaching) since 2004:

  • M.Sc. program "Waste Management" (2013-to date) (coordinator in course Solid Waste Management from 2017 - to date).
  • M.Sc. program "Environmental Design of Infrastructures" 2004-2010

Undergraduate level - D.U.Th.

1. Technology and Management of Solid Waste I (6 credits, 3 theory-3 laboratory, 3rd year undergraduate). Legislation, Generation-Characterization-Composition, Storage-Collection-Transfer, Introduction to route optimization, Composting-Biodrying, Anaerobic digestion, Thermal Treatment, Residual Management and landfilling.

2. Technology and Management of Solid Waste II - Landfill Design project (3 credits, 7th undergraduate semester): This course is mandatory and consists of the 5 following laboratory exercises as part of the whole landfill design project: Solid Waste Management and Technology II (co-teaching with prof. E.Voudrias). It includes 5 exercises (class projects) that are prepared by student groups during the fall semester. Contents are: 1. Landfill siting methodology, 2. Estimation of the size of the landfill based on population projections and recycling targets, 3. Soil excavation and waste placement, 4. Leachate estimation, collection and treatment, 5. Biogas production estimation, design of biogas recovery systems using extraction wells.

3. Applied Statistics (4 credits, 3rd semester):  Contents: The proper use of graphs. Main statistical distributions. Significance test. Analysis of variance for k averages. Tukey and Dunnett tests. Data transformation. Full and fractional factorial designs, Non-parametric statistical tests. The course includes exercises, and final exams. Textbook: Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis, Published by Zygos, Thessaloniki, 2012, by D.P.Komilis (in Greek).

4. Control of Solid Waste Treatment Systems (3 credits, 9th undergraduate semester): The course includes detailed design aspects of waste collection and treatment facilities via the aid of life cycle analysis principles and specialized laboratory measurements. Specialized laboratories will be included focusing on microbial respiration testing (static aerobic, dynamic aerobic tests, anaerobic tests). Grading is based on class project.

As an adjunct lecturer at the University of the Aegean - Dept of Environmental Studies (2000-2004), I had taught the 5 following undergraduate courses:

1) Environmental Hydrogeology, 2) Aquatic Chemistry, 3) Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, 4) Optimization in Solid Waste Management, 5) Introduction to Environmental Engineering.

Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace
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